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I Heart Hrvatska: Zagreb

The old part of the city is lovely to walk around, it reminds me a lot of Prague or lot of other eastern European Capitals. You wont be able to miss Josipa Jelačića Square, this to me feels like the central hub and beating heart of the city.


Museum of Broken Relationships:

This surprised us by how much we enjoyed it. An interesting concept and a nice break from the standard art museum and cultural museum travel fare,

Etnografski (Ethnographic) Museum:

Fabric and textile nerd here. You know that I had to go check out the local costumes. If you have any interest in textiles or costuming they have a great collection of local costumes. The patterns and textiles were such an inspiration to me. Look for a Eastern European home design line from me soon. ;)

Gundulić Square: Morning Outdoor Market

I love a good market.

Food #1:

La Struk: OMG I can't really explain what Strukli is kind of like a casserole sized ravioli, but order it, and order both sweet and savory and enjoy! I would say that this is a must because you can't really find this dish after you leave the northern part of the country

Other honorable mentions:

Knoba Didov San: They have these donut bread balls that they serve with a white salty fresh cheese. So yummy! And great place to try traditional dishes like veal with peppers etc.

Plac: Cevapi

Ok Cevapi, (che-vap-ee) is kind of like Eastern European street food, I believe Bosnian. Little meat sausages that they stuff into bread with white cream sauce and ajvar (pepper sauce). You will have to try some at some point on your trip. I'll also give you a place in Split that my cousin's Bosnian friend said is the best cevapi in Croatia.

*Fun tip a c with either the v or slash over it is a "ch" sound*

50 A Burger & Champagne Bar: Random but fun, they used to have a location in Hvar but think that has now closed


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