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I Heart Hrvatska: And Hvar

Hvar is very special. :)The picture says it all.


*Konobo Maestro*: We went here twice, in four nights on the island. We were those tourists, but the first night we were too late for the octopus peka style, ie ocotopus roasted for four hours under an iron bell. The first night there was also delicious but we had to come back for the peka, and it was very, very worth it.

Fig Hvar: We breakfasted here. It was delicious.

Konobo Menego: Climb up approximately 47 steps and there it is. Delicious traditional Croatian food with a twist. If you're feeling bold get the rakija soaked figs, they're quite potent.

Stari Grad Hvar *Restoran Antika*: One of my most favorite meals of our trips to Croatia, darling and tucked away on a little stone street in a building from like 1400 in Stari Grad on Hvar Island, it is lovely, and worth going even if you are staying across the island in Hvar town. 


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