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I Heart Hrvatska: Split & Surrounding Fun

Diocletian's Palace is the main draw. It is fun to explore that area but it is very commercialized and basically a shopping mall, but its in an actual Roman Forum, so that that Ceasars Palace. Also a jumping off point to many of the island get aways.


Outside of Split is the Fortress Klis, awesome views and yet another Game of Thrones filming location (you'll pick up on that trend everywhere). Klis is VERY worth visiting for lamb on a spit, a traditional Croatian dish that is SO very good. My Dad ate it at Croatian events growing up and this is the first time he has had it since and he couldn't have been happier. Like most of Europe, the concept of attractive nuisance doesn't exist, there are some major edges up here, ladders propped up against decaying castle walls etc, just be cautious. 

Bibich Winery and Skradin Town

A fun afternoon excursion.


The "Best Cevapi in Croatia" not per me, but a Bosnian friend of my cousin is in Split. ;) I'd take his word for it since this is traditionally a Bosnian dish.

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