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Bosnia: Mostar and Sarajevo


Bosnia is beautiful and has a distinctively different feel than Croatia. We took at day trip there through a company that I will link below. After you get about 10km away from the border you can feel the difference, you start to see the minaret towers along with the church steeples in the towns and hear the Muslim call to prayer. I didn't know that Bosnia is basically divided into the Republic of Srpska and The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this is why we travel right?


We were only in Mostar quickly but definitely get coffee "Bosniak Coffee" there, it is like turkish coffee served in a little cezve. Also find Burek/borek a breakfast pastry made tika style (under an iron bell). So good!

Zdrava Voda and Restoran Kovacevic Jablanica: Lamb on a Spit.

If you'd like a second chance at this, there are a couple of beautiful restaurants along the river here that serve lamb. I was told that they have the same owners so take your pick...


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