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I Heart Hrvatska: Zadar

Watching a sunset here at the Sea Organ, its one of my favorite things in Croatia. Or in the world.

Zadar has a fortified old town "Stari Grad" with a Riva/Embarcadero that stretches out into the Adriatic and has this built in art installation that is a Sea Organ. The water actually plays the pipes as the waves come in, it is magical.

The old town here is maybe not the most picturesque, but it still feels vibrant and like a living thriving community. It hasn't been turned into a glorified shopping mall like in Split, or just overrun by tourists and tourist shops like Dubrovnik.

Zadar boasts the best sunsets in the world per Alfred Hitchcock. So it's not just my opinion.


Beaches: There are some really good beaches around here. Water shoes are critical since they are stone beaches mostly and there are urchins, but bring water shoes (or I brought an old pair of converse that I was fine with trashing) the beaches are a lot of fun. You'll usually have to pay for chairs and pads, prices range from a couple of dollars to $10 for shade and cushions.

Sveti Nikola (Church of Saint Nicholas): Get your picture taken in front of the world's smallest castle... errr, church. Either way it's worth pulling over for the photo op on the way to Nin and some of the better beaches.

Museum of Ancient Glass: Some really beautiful pieces. Try to go when they're having glass blowing demonstrations, I've never made it to one, so let me know if you do!

Kids: There is also a water park type resort between Nin and Zadar, if you wanted, looked like a fun place for kids and when we were there a day rate was optional if you weren't staying there. 


4 Kantuna: Translation can't stop eating. Okay it's "Four Corners" but yum.

We had seafood dishes but I wanted to come back for the pizza which looked like it rivaled my favorite SD pizza at Buona Forchetts.

Pet Bunara: Translation, "Five Wells" because it's located on the square of the five wells. Well worth it, a creative take on local cuisine. Recommended by a ship's captain that we met who said it was his favorite in the Adriatic.

Restoran Bruschetta

Kremsnite from Krostula Bakery & Pastry. A delightful and light custard cake, well worth it.

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