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Modern, ecclectic bachelor pad in downtown San Diego.

Dining Area

Bright yellow panton chairs add a fun and colorful element to this downtown loft, tie in the organic waving lines of the light fixture, and play well with the client's painting.  The simple wooden chairs at the head and foot of the table add another organic juxtaposition, as well as the water feature on the back wall, bringing a touch of the outdoors into this concrete urban setting. 

Living Room: Entertainment Center

A living room with multiple configurations thanks to a 5 piece sectional white leather sofa, and two custom stainless steel cubes which can serve as a coffee table or be seamlessly incorperated into the layout of the couch.  Throw in a flatscreen 3D TV and you have unlimited entertaining options.  

Living Room

A close up of the beautiful custom stainless cubes, and of course the adorable Dasha, gaurdian of the loft. 

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